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Why AGAcoin?

Released in 1985, the Commodore Amiga dazzled us with incredible graphics and audio capabilities far ahead of its time.

Despite the apparent commercial demise of the platform in the late 1990’s, the Amiga remains close to the hearts and minds of many who grew up with it.

The Amiga represented not only cutting-edge technology, but also a creative philosophy, of freedom of digital expression, that refuses to die.

Now, as the Internet connects people across the world, we find ourselves in the midst of a massive wave of “retro” enthusiasm. As everything retro is being re-adopted by the mainstream, the Amiga community is witnessing a thriving revival. New developments in Amiga-inspired hardware and software are announced by the day, more than enough to keep any Amiga enthusiast engaged full time.

The invention of blockchain technology, with the release of Bitcoin, was a much-anticipated dreamchild of the “cypherpunks”, an activist community with many prominent members who owe their early computing inspirations (and sense of digital freedom and creativity) in part to the Amiga platform.

As the influence of the invention of blockchain permeates through society, we expect to see a growing number of online communities - such as the Amiga community - adopt Bitcoin-like currencies for their own communal use. This is why we think that “AGAcoin: a cryptocurrency for the Amiga community”, is a good idea. AGAcoin is intended to fill an upcoming need: a currency for the Amiga community and other related communities, to trade and exchange in a peer-to-peer manner.

The Amiga community is small in the scheme of things, but it is ours, and the future is what we make of it.